Jagged is a 3io from Berne producing fresh Deep House. Benfay is a versatile and accomplished music producer. Just as Captain Nemo explores the depths of the sea, so Benfay probes deeply inside the world of soundscapes. His submarine is a vessel of good taste, his harpoon of humour never misses its target, and his crew is the best that one could possibly wish for hope.

Jay Sanders (Smat) discovered his love for electronically-generated music in the early 90's, and has since steadily carved and filed himself a place as a DJ of national and international repute. His particular musical talent lies in singing slip-proof hooklines whilst in the shower.

Zukie173, born under the libran sign, grew up in an environment filled with love and shelter. As a youth, studied drum-making at Tainos. He later discovered his affinity for vinyl and displayed this ability in Clubs. One of his greatest passions in life is dancing. 




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