First of all, we want to thank our web designer Stefan Arnold ( for his amazing work on this new website. Here it is! In the next few weeks we will update you with fresh mixes from our DJs and friends. The shop will be updated with new T-Shirts and a brand new Bonzzaj bag! As you see in our Date section, there are a lot of good nights coming up; and new records too, as far as we find enough partners out there to bring them in the shops.

This year we celebrate Bonzzaj's 10th birthday! For this we preparing a special wine from our inhouse wine farmer Wengo. And of course, as we are a label, there will be more inside than a great, with love made, grape juice. Before we harvest we organise the "POOL UP" night on the 4th of September with the Bonzzaj Soundsystem and a great band from Bienne in Susten VS. More infos will follow very soon.

We hope you enjoy our new face, buy our new and old records, listen to our mixes and wear our shirts and bring us all our money for all our bitches and cars! At least, thanks for passing by and keeping your local recordlabel alive!

Bonzzaj Crew


It was a pleasure to work for bonzzaj. moving the artist part up front, and connecting it to releases, blog, dates was an interesting challenge. we believe in artists - we believe in music: this is our part of cultural dedication.
and what would be top notch website if it would look ugly? you’re right: absolutely nothing. big KUDOS to didier studer for his fantastic graphical skills and chris for supervising everything!

one love from the outline4 team!

good luck for the future… and don’t forget those free drinks @ the next bonzzaj party wink


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