Creative Swing Alliance - Strasbourg EP BON006

Creative Swing Alliance - Strasbourg EP


The Creative Swing Alliance consist of the 2 producers Pablo Valentino and Steven-J. Pablo is responsible for the Faces Records label & his recent subdivision called Motor City Drum Ensemble. Steven-J released records on Compost Records, Soultronik & Jazzmin and played double bass for the japanese jazz band “Sleepwalker”. They both come from the city of Strasbourg FR, shared turntables & droped parties for more than 10 years together.

The concept for the CSA Project was very simple: They locked themselves for one week in Pablo's attic to work 7 days on 7 tracks all named after the days of the week. Bonzzaj Records selected for this 12" their 3 favourite tracks:

On “Monday” Pablo and Steven-J created a heavy opener for their project. Bumpy they riding their MPC with a deep diving bass and wonderful synths. Simbad turned the original “Monday” into a heavyweight soulful dancefloor filler mashed with good old West-London Broken Beats. An essential DJ weapon!

Naturally within the week you can hear some different moods while other friends/artists where passing in the studio...for example on "Thursday", when Kira Neris joined the Alliance to create a spaced-out and captivating disco journey with a wonderful soul sample.

Last but not least, “Saturday”: dusty old jazz records and beat generation hip hop for the b-boys and b-girls! RAW! Strong stuff for fans of Bullion, Onra, the Linkwood Family, etc!

Limited you better watch out!

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