Jagged - Ten to twelve EP BON005

Jagged - Ten to twelve EP


After their great debut “Motzbaz/Indeed” on AFAO Recordings and the following 12inches “hello kool nice” and “Langenthal EP” on Quintessentials Recordings, which found its way into the bags and charts of DJs like Quarion, Laurent Garnier, Jimpster and many more, JAGGED strikes back with a 12” on Bonzzaj Recordings. This single also contains a hot remix by the dutch multi-talented man Aardvarck, one half of the Rednose District.
Jagged's productions are restrained and minimal in the right way - they doesn't let things get overloaded. They focuses mainly on straight beats and functional house music but always with the right ingredient of soul and rawness.

The title track "Ten to twelve" is a heavy cut with a lot of disco influences, funky basslines, cool house-grooves and surprising changes all over the track. The Remix of “Ten to Twelve” comes from Aardvarck, who releases on Rushhour, Kindred Spirits and Delsin. He transformed the original in an broken beat stomper, which sounds like it emerged straight out of Londons Co-Op.

The B-Side contains "Chicago", a deep house number with forward going percussions, warm strings, oldscool-house-vocals and a slight acid flavour and last but not least the track “An orange drippin”, which takes you with it's deep synth, percussions, basslines, bells and things in the deeper Shades of...Jagged Nation.
Hot shit – Gesundheit! 

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