Kid Swing - Some Folks EP BON009 BON009

Kid Swing - Some Folks EP BON009


Pablo Valentino strikes again. The Name Pablo Valentino would already be a common one when he hadn't these many aliases and groups he's part of but you only know the groups name - like Hipster Wonkaz or the Motor City Drum Ensemble. And then there's Kid Swing. After listening to his new EP, at least this name will stay in your mind.

The EP drops of immediately with what it's about: a deep stepping pulse. But that's what it is, more a pulse than a beat, which you soon will realise when it's suddenly going away and showing you the essence of the track. And here where it opens and the hook gets you and the voice shouts, the beat steps in again in just the perfect moment and really steps deeply into your neck, making your head nodding until the end. That's the pulse.
Some could say it's quite a mellow speed, but dare to imagine it faster - there wouldn't be this compelling and profound character - it's the same element that made slow hiphop tracks just so bouncy. Heavyweight dancefloor music.

13 February:
For all who waited for the deep beat, here you get it. But still there's a dreamy element mixed into it, that's less making the track stomp to heavy, than merely kind of letting it float with massive steps. Deep house with that cosmic jazz approach.

Some Folks:
And then there's the true gem of this little ep... Everyone might expect anything but this.
It's something between a lost recording of some smoky jazz-singer which you would set into a gloomy bar on a stage with a glossy floor. Wonderfully laid back sung by Kira Neris. But then the other half is coming like from the future, a bit strange and soaked with an outter space sound but yet unobstrusive enough to let the voice and the mood fly gently over it. There are immediately coming dreamy pictures to your mind. But good ones. Makes you part of "some folks that always seem to find the good things"...

Some Folks (Nemoy Mix):
And when you think it couldn't get any better, genius Nemoy brings in the earth into this spaced-out track. A dominant and great limping beat of it's own class. And when the vibraphon or the double bass hit in, you instantly remember the good old hiphop-acid-jazz times, but here just unmistakably coming from the 21st century. Earth and space coming together in a really perfect way.

- released April 1, 2010
- All tracks produced & mashed up by that kid called sW!Ng' aka Pablo Valentino
- all rights reserved 

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