Nemoy - Afraw BON001

Nemoy - Afraw


mysterious are the paths on which music travels, and one of them leads into and now finally out of the basement of nemoy, born and grown up in steg city, a small village embedded in the swiss canton of valais, a stone's throw away from ticino and italy, a place distinguishing itself through excellent wines, rugged mountains, much sun, some sort of desert-like lonelyness and a strong company between people. nemoy is obsessed with instruments, addicted to collecting and learning how to play and incorporate them into his musical vision. synthesizers, pianos, organs, horns, basses... you name it. even when he gets to grab the mic with his rapgroup "stockitown", he often adresses the topics that make his world: samples, breakbeats, their sources, beatmaking, vibing to music... nemoy is a child and devotee of the great contributors in jazz, funk, reggae, soul... or short: black music in its many old and new outlets.

"afraw" clearly pays tribute to fela kuti's legacy - a highly organic piece of funky afro-rhythms, bumping fret- and moogbass, and on top lush chords of an electric piano and a bracing dose of sublime trumpet that will leave it up to you if you want to raise a fist or take another sip of fruitjuice in the sunshine.

calm returns after 4 days of riot can be followed by a variety of aftermaths - the flipside of this 12" brings up pictures of a digestible scenery. on "calm returns after 4 days of riot" the moody ghost of jazz receives a summery nemoy-treatment including fender rhodes soloing and scratched pianoshreds from a jazzrecord. there is a certain appeal to light up a little something to this relaxed-to-the-bone soundtrack. feel the cool breeze and get lost in laid-back atmosphere, headnodding drums and wobbly upright bass. like on "afraw", nemoy's sense of aural aesthetics show an obvious affinity to times when records used to sound gritty and warm by nature.

we all deeply admire - for his countless works under a gazillion of pseudonyms - the man domu, known for being a part and burning torch of the west london musicscene (together with 4 hero, bugz in the attic, i.g. culture, alex attias a.o.). it took him 1 week to turn "afraw" into a dry, sweaty dancefloor bomb. duck down and watch out for that dry, rolling juggernaut afrobeat, put-your-lighters-in-the-air basslines and a subtle layer of extra vibe to make any crowd take off to other spheres.

this record is another contribution to nemoy's attempt to break out of his well-kept-secret status. as he works on many different projects like 'spenza's overdub orkestra' (a studio project that will be taken on stage very soon), a producer album with international guests on the microfone, dj gigs, producing and performing with his group 'stockitown', there is no way that leads around him - keep your eyes and ears peeled and excpect shitloads of great music from this young talent.

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