Various - Nemoy / Side Hustle BON004

Various - Nemoy / Side Hustle


Bonzzaj Recordings & A Few Among Others Records started off with their first 7" a few months ago and kept the formula also this time pretty simple....quality music and limited edition.
SIDE HUSTLE is a Hip-Hop project that started via the "virtual" meeting of producer "Ianeq" and rapper "Thaddeus Clark" through e-mail. Working solely via the internet, the two pro musicians exchanged files, mp3's and waves over the Atlantic for two years. "Second Intro" has a definite flavor of their own, thanks to modern production techniques inherited from Ianeq's House and Techno alter ego, Quarion. The result is fresh and exciting, although one could notice a certain melancholy in the music. This is probably what inspired Thaddeus Clark to focus his lyrics on childhood and teenage memories: the Oakland region (which he originates from), School, first love emotions, the discovery and passion for Old-School Hip-Hop…all these themes are the cornerstones of SIDE HUSTLE and give a very strong identity to the project.
The B-Side which could be definitely also an A-Side features once again Bonzzaj's warhorse and multi-instrumentalist André Seiler aka NEMOY. Even though "Flywheel" is a combination of danceable beats with a rich african musical content. Made with the dancefloor in mind, Nemoy's horn section and percussion blaze into gear after a noisy short intro and the track never lets up. This nasty B-side from this one-man-afrobeat-band sounds amazing on either iPod or in the club. 

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