Various - Spiis/Soulfood EP BON002

Various - Spiis/Soulfood EP


even though this is only the second bonzzaj release, the "spiis/soulfood" ep, we get a hint that rational stylistic boundaries are being ignored by the crew behind the label.depending on how many romantic moments you've been through in your life, questionmark's "take me for a little while" may bring up pictures of a) a happy end b) a leaving train, or c) your life may have a fitting rememberance in petto. life can be plain chocolate, and sometimes there's no better backdrop to reality than plucked guitarstrings and pianochords, ringing sweet and melancholic as if sebastian tellier's been looking over question's shoulder.

the following 3 tracks, the tomorrow people's "mute", lu-fuki's "callate" and skymark's "i can't understand it", all come from members of on-the-go crew soul sociedad, known for their love-fueled activism on the field of black music... bringing their trademark sound of crispy, well-crafted but raw mpc-beats, laced with jazzy sunrise-butter, inspired by crates filled with black 70's deepness. the mistery of who did what can be solved by reading the credits.

soaked in a similar vein comes off the finisher by bonzzaj's main warhorse nemoy, working his sampler, the rhodes and a moog synthesizer to lull the "slow chicks" into a cool cloud of a nice little something that sounds like a fantasy in which george duke and domu got together with yesterdays new quintet for a free floating jam.

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