Various - Star Tracks Episode1 BON008

Various - Star Tracks Episode1

  • Meienberg
  • NDV
  • Bonzzaj present their frst digital only release with the "Star Tracks EP" including tracks from Cougar, Meienberg, NDV and Filewile. This EP is an international cooperation featuring music from Switzerland, Germany and Israel. A selection to sit back in the couch but also to bang the head and move your feet on the dance foor.

    Cougar alias Max Stockberg is a blank sheet in the music market out there. Thankfully we received a demo copy of his wonderful music from Baaz, who asked us to release something from him. Yes we do. And the result is a wonderful song called "lights down low" with rhodes, minimal hip hop beats and the fne voice of Stockenburg's own.

    The track "Look at the stars" comes straight outta Tel Aviv, Israel. We reached multi-talented DJ and producer NDV aka Ravid Nadav via Soundcloud and his proper productions with his own release on Botanika . "Look at the stars" is a head banger and shows that Hip Hop can still be creative in 2010. Defnitely for those that like the nu disco sound favored with funk!

    Dub music is back on Bonzzaj Recordings. After live experience playing with multiple bands, Meienberg decided to experience digital world of electronic music and shows up with "Epicant Chutney", which is an excursion in art dubstep made in Switzerland.

    But there is also Filewile with "My Rocco", which is a album outtake of their last successfull album called "Blueskywell" released on Mouthwatering Recordings. Filewile integrated the raw power of their live performances into their production methods plays his own way of dubmusic with the lovely voice of Zürich based singer Joy Frempong.

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